Monday, April 13, 2015

Stitching Progress

Schlock - March 29th
I am finally sitting down and working on a progress report of what I have been stitching for the last little while.

I started Schlock with Dice on March 26th and I have been able to find some time to stitch and I am making progress on it which is making me very happy.  Of course with everything else that I was working on I didn't get a progress report done after last weekend. 

I am seeing some really good progress on this project and the nice thing is it is a relatively quick pattern to stitch up.

Schlock - April 5th
This week I hope that I am able to get more stitching done on Schlock because I would really like to see it completed quickly.  I already have a couple more items for the next project that I am going to work on so I am looking forward to picking up the next one but I am going to get this one done before I start something else.

Being able to work on different projects is great but I have to admit that being able to focus on one for a while is so nice because I can then see some results and not just little bits.

Schlock - April 12th
The weekend at Ad Astra went well and I made a lot of new contacts so will see what some of them lead to.  The Art Show gave me some exposure and that was wonderful.

I am extremely tired as it was a busy weekend so I think today I am going to take it easy and maybe later I will try and get a little bit of stitching done.

Need to get a little bit of work done today and then I will see what I work on.

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