Monday, August 11, 2014

Siux finally seeing changes again

Siux - August 8th
So as the heading says I finally got back to working on Siux because it had been left alone for far too long.  I decided that this past weekend I would sit and see if I could make a bit of progress on her because I am looking forward to seeing her completed.

I was able to make a bit of progress on her but again not as much as I would have liked.  I am going to try and make more progress this week because now I seeing that even a couple of hours can make a difference to her appearance.

Siux - August 10th
Besides working on Siux, I have been doing a little bit of knitting and crocheting but nothing worth showing lately.  The biggest thing I have been working on is making some granny squares for an afghan that I would like to complete soon.  The project was started on July 31st and currently I have 14 of the 20 squares completed for the afghan.  The squares are almost 10 inches square that is why I don't need to many to complete the afghan. 

Having a bit of time to craft has been a challenge lately as work has also taken up more of my time as well as trying to finish a course that I am taking.  The good news is the course is over on the 19th of August so maybe after that I will have a bit more time to craft.

Now it is time to work on the final assignment for school and then maybe this evening I will be able to find a bit of time to craft but that all depends on other demands on my time.

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