Sunday, August 17, 2014

Siux after the weekend

Siux - Aug 11th
 As I said on Tuesday Siux was going to go into hiding until the end of the weekend and will here she is after a few days of getting a few stitches done on her. 

Yes, she is the project that I have been focusing on over the last few days but I also finished the final assignment for a course and that did take some time.  Most of this work was done Wednesday evening and then this weekend.  I am very happy with the progress that I have made and now am seeing that the end is coming.  No it isn't going to be in the next couple of days but at least I am now seeing the end of this piece.

Siux - Aug 17th
I didn't work on Siux as much as I would have liked this weekend but at least I was able to make some progress on her.  The face took a lot of time because there were a lot of single colour stitches that had to be done and had to be ended off.

Now I am working on an area at a time and am seeing some good results quickly now.  Hopefully over this next week I will be able to find some more time to work on her and again see some good progress.

I have also picked up my crochet hook in the last couple of days and have finished a couple of preemie hats which is great.  Now I just need to continue to craft like I did in the past and I will feel better about a lot of things.

School is also finished as I submitted my final assignment on Friday and that was for a certificate so that means no more classes for a while.  The certificate was 20 months of hard work but I am happy to say that I will have my Fundraising Certificate once I get the mark for the final assignment.

Now to try and relax for a bit and I think I might pick up my crochet hook for a while this evening.

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