Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This and that

Baby hats in progress
The best way of explaining what I have been working on the last little while is a little bit of this and a little bit of that.

Triangle shawl with glitter
As you can see I have been having some fun knitting which is great.  Now to get a few of the knit projects finished.  I have been working on some baby hats so a friend can take them to a hospital in Sudbury for me.  A lot of my knitting of these hats has been while sitting on our balcony so I haven't felt like sewing hats together so I have been putting the finished hats onto a stitch holder so they are now waiting to be sewn together.  Of course sewing hats together don't take long to do but it just me in the right mood to actually sit and sew them together.

Now the second project that I have been working on is a triangle shawl in basic garter stitch.  I know that the picture isn't the best but it is rather difficult to take a picture of a shawl that is still on the needles. This is another project that I have been working on while sitting outside in the evenings and on the weekend.  I still have two balls of this yarn left so will see how big the shawl ends up.  Currently there is around 330 stitches on my needle so am thinking if I get to 400 stitches I will be happy and then it will be time to cast it off even if there is yarn left.

I am still working on granny squares for an afghan and that is coming along pretty good.  I think I have five more squares to make before I can put the afghan together.  The other issue with putting the afghan together is you have to have a day when it isn't hot and humid out.  I really don't want to be holding an afghan on my legs when it is 28C+ out so that will mean the afghan may have to wait for a while to be assembled.

So, yes I am still working on things it is just that I am working on a bunch of projects so am not really getting much completed right now.  I do want to get some of the items completed very soon because just seeing the hats on the stitch holder is starting to bother me so need to get them sewn up.

Well time now to go and work on something for a while.  Maybe I will work on a baby hat.

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