Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Siux progress

August 10th - Siux
Well I found a little bit of time over the last couple of days to put a few stitching in Siux so am feeling better about her.  Yes it has been a challenge to find the time but I decided that each evening I would sit and stitch for an hour or so and that is what I have been doing.

Of course the areas that I have been working on are the areas with a lot of colour changes which is something I really don't like doing.  At least now I am seeing that the effort of all the colour changes have been worth it so far.

August 12th - Siux
I am also really working hard on getting this pattern finished as I already have a few other cross-stitch patterns waiting to be worked on.  I am one of those that normally has a couple of patterns ready to go but right now I have about 5 or 6 patterns ready to be worked on once this one is finished.  The next pattern is going to be another one that I was able to create using my software program.

Finding the passion to work on this project again has been great.  For a while I hadn't wanted to work on it and not sure why but glad that I am finally getting back at it.  Maybe just seeing that if I worked on an area at a time instead of a colour at a time makes a bit difference.  I had been working on a colour all over for a while and that showed no real results.  Now that I switched and have started working on areas at a time I am seeing the results again.  Yes it still means that some other areas get a bit of work but not like before.

So now I will not be doing another post about Siux until after the weekend so until then she is going into hiding.  I am going to continue to work on her but I think it is time that she disappears for a few days from the screen.  I am also busy with an assignment for school right now so not sure how much she will actually be worked on until the assignment is completed.

Now off to work on the assignment so that I can stitch tonight.

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