Monday, January 21, 2013

Taking Time For Myself

Take Time For Yourself - Stoney Creek
Yesterday I decided that I was going to spend a bit of time doing something for me.  Yes, taking time for myself.  This pattern was one that I loved as soon as I saw it, so DH got it for me and of course I had to start it.  I sat yesterday afternoon and then for a couple of hours last night and stitched.  It felt so good to just sit and forget about all the other demands that I have on my life.  I think everyone every once and awhile needs to sit and do something for themselves and not feel guilty about it.

For me the not feeling guilty about taking time when I have a lot of other things on the go is normally difficult for me.  This time I figured that if I didn't take some time for me I wasn't going to be productive on all the other things that I have on the go.

This pattern does stitch up pretty quickly and is about 5" square so I hope that if I can spend a couple evenings this week working on it I should be able to make some more good progress on it.  Once I finish this one I have another pattern that goes with it and it's "Listen To Your Dreams".  So I hope that I will be able to get the two of these done quickly and them frame them and put them somewhere where I see them all the time.

Taking time for yourself is very important to ensure you are effective in all the other things that you do in life.  Remember, don't feel guilty when you take the small bits of time for yourself as you deserve it. 

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