Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Taking Time For Myself Again

Friday - Take Time For Yourself by Stoney Creek
A good friend of mine asked me a question yesterday as she hadn't seen a blog entry about this past weekend.  Here is her question to me: "Did you do what you said we all should do, take time for ourselves and finish your little picture?"

Sunday - Take Time For Yourself by Stoney Creek
Sunday - The Country of Downy Diamonds by Spirit of Belarus
Now to answer her question, Yes I took time for myself on Sunday and worked on "Take Time For Yourself".  I actually did some stitching on Friday and Saturday as well because I was really enjoying this piece and yes wanted to get it finished.

The piece actually did work up pretty quickly as it was only 5"x5" so it meant I could see some results pretty quickly on the piece.  There were quite a few colours used in this piece but I didn't actually mind the changing of threads too much because I was able to work on different areas at once and get one colour finished before changing to the next colour.

I was lucky because on Sunday after a lunch I curled up and worked on the piece to ensure that it was finished before going to bed.  I thought it was going to take me longer to finish the piece but I was able to get it done even before dinner. 

Once this piece was finished I couldn't put my needle down so I immediately had to start another piece.  I have a second pattern from Stoney Creek "Listen to Your Dreams" but I didn't start that one but started a project that is bigger and in some ways a bit more challenging.  I started "The Country of Downy Diamonds" by Spirit of Belarus which uses quite a bit of rayon threads instead of the cotton threads.  I find rayon threads a little harder to use because it does slide more than the cotton threads.  As you can see in the picture I didn't get much of this pattern done but it is almost 11"x8" so it is a lot bigger.

I am not sure if this weekend I will take time for myself but if I do I know that I am going to work on a cross-stitch for a while.  It might be Country of Downy Diamonds or it might be another project but I am really enjoying cross-stitching again.

Now time to take time to get work done and then will see what I work on this weekend even for just a little while.

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What a pretty piece you stitched!
I do most of my cross stitching on the week ends and do my quilting and other crafts during the week!!
Have a great week--talking about weeks!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie