Wednesday, January 9, 2013


Knit hats
The new year is now a week old and I have to admit that I haven't been doing a lot of crafting.  Part of that is because I am trying to get other things completed and then there are the courses that I am getting ready to start this week.

The project that I have been working on is making some granny squares for an afghan.  The nice thing about this project is I can work on it a bit at a time and there is no deadline on it.  Also this type of project works very well when we are running around.  Yes, I have a bunch of other projects on the go including hats and mittens for children, some baby sweaters and even a couple of baby afghans.

I am enjoying the crafting that I am doing but have to admit that I would love to spend more time on my crafts but I have other demands on my time.  It is interesting because some people think because I get quite a few things done it means I work on my crafts all the time.  Yes, I work on my crafts while relaxing but I sure don't work on them all the time.  I am a fast knitter and crocheter so when I can sit and work on a project even for a little while I do get results pretty quickly.

Yes, I mentioned taking courses starting this week.  I decided to sign up to take two on-line courses and they start this week and end in the middle of April so it means that I am going to be busy between now and then.  I am one of those people who enjoys taking courses so now to see what it's like taking two on-line courses at the same time.  I know, a few years ago I took two night-school courses at once and managed them so I think I should be able to manage two courses where I don't have to attend classes.

Work is now calling me so it's time to finish off for now and focus my energy on getting work done.

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Love your knitting and you did a nice job on the counted cross stitch--
and you are taking on two courses on line--wow--but I love to learn too, so know how you feel--
my course are --trying to keep up with all the computer changes each week--it seems!! Playing and learning more about my professional camera, and keeping up with my huge list of mostly ufo's in--quilting, knitting, counted cross stitching, embroidery, and wool work--
then there is the Queen of the house-=Miss Gracie--a tortie colored cat!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie