Sunday, April 24, 2011

Crafting a bit more

For those of you wondering how my cross-stitching is going I have to admit that this week has not been that productive on the cross-stitching front.
as of April 23rd
As you can see I haven't had a lot of time to work on this project this week but considering I have been busy with other things I am not upset about it.  I don't think I will have it done in time for the next stitch night at Gitta's but I will have more done that I currently have done.

What has been keeping me busy this week is a request from a local charity.  The charity has a school readiness program that ends on May 6th and they were wondering if it was possible to have a knit hat for each of the children as a graduation gift.  I have to point out that I just started with this charity on April 21st so have been busy knitting.  Here is where I stand so far on the hat project.

completed hats
I so far have completed three hats of the 16 that they need.  I also have three more hats on the needles so hopefully can get at least one hat completed today and then will see how things go from there.

The hats are for children 4 - 5 years old so they don't take a lot of time to do but it's just the sitting and working on them which is different for me.  See I am one of those people that normally has lots of different projects on the go at once so focusing on hats is so very different for me.  Now you know why I have three hats on the needles currently.  At least they are different colours so it gives me a change.

I want to wish everyone a Happy Easter and hopefully you don't eat too much chocolate.

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