Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Hat explosion

I know I have been missing for a week now but I have been extremely busy knitting and trying to get the 16 hats completed by May 5th.  Now to explain, I do not have a knitting machine so all the hats are being knit by hand.

16 completed hats
So as you can see in the picture I have completed the 16 hats that I wanted to get done for a local charity.  The hats didn't really take me as long as I thought they would.  The hats are to fit 4-5 year old children that will be entering school for the first time in the fall.

I started this project on the 21st of April and completed the last hat on May 2nd.  I am very happy that I got them all completed and my mom actually knit two hats for me so that if I needed them I could use them.  They are in a separate spot right now to be used to help meet future requests from this charity.

Did I really think I would get them done ahead of time?  No, I didn't because once I realized that I had to knit over a hat a day I thought that I was crazy even thinking I could meet this goal.  Having hockey games, baseball games and the Royal Wedding on TV did really help me focus on getting the hats done.  Also having a husband that understood that I really wanted to try and get the hats done also helped because when I was getting closer to finishing he would just say "stitch, stitch, stitch" to make me laugh and I realized that he was happy to see me doing something that I truly love doing.

My passion is my crafts as well as writing so being able to lose myself in my crafts has felt good.  Now I need to get back to Crown of Squares and see how it goes.  It won't be finished by stitch night next week I know that for sure but at least I should be able to get a little bit more done.

Off to work on some documentation that I want to finish up and also to catch up on a few other things that need my attention.


ChaosAdventurer said...

no knitting machine? I beg to differ in that a) you do have one buried somewhere that is just too slow, b) you are a knitting machine and I've learned to make sure I sit just far enough away to not be poked by the flying needles.

Silverlotus said...

Way to go!