Monday, June 1, 2020

Some progress this week

Mini Farewell to Anger - Jan 3
Here it is the start of another week, and things are remaining about the same here.  Working remotely from home hasn't changed, and the routine that we have is staying the same.

Mini Farewell to Anger - I decided it was time to pull out a project that I haven't worked on since the very beginning of the year.  I pulled up Mini Farewell to Anger and got a few more stitches added to this project.

Mini Farewell to Anger - May 31
You can't see much of the progress, but I was able to add four more colours into the lower section of the page, and it makes me feel good knowing that it is slowly moving forward.  I am not sure how long this project will stay out but at least I know that I was able to get a few more stitches added onto it.

Roses - May 24
Roses - this project continues to be the focus of my stitching.  A lot of that is because I want to see if I can get it finished before the end of September this year.  I am still trying to get it finished before the 2nd anniversary of me starting the piece.

Roses - project so far - May 27
I have been able to continue to work on this piece a bit each day, and it makes me feel good.  I don't get a lot of time to stitch, but even getting 100 stitches in helps move this project forward a bit at a time. 

Early last week it was time to move the piece so that I could continue to work on getting more of it stitched.  Of course, once it was off the q-snap it was time to take a progress picture of the entire piece so that I could see what it looks like. I am happy with how it is coming along but I will be happy to see it finished now that I am seeing the end in sight.
Roses - May 31

When the piece was out of the frame I decided that I could try and get most of the right section of the pattern completed and then move onto the left side.  I am not sure how long the side will take me to finish but I have started to work on the next section of pages.  I hope to see more of this finished over the next few weeks but work and everything else will determine the time that I have to work on it.

My goal is still to continue to try and get on average one hundred stitches a day in on the piece so that it continues to move forward and I will get it done before the end of September.

A few of the other projects have got a bit of time but again nothing big enough to show.  I hope that now that things are starting to get back to more of a normal schedule that I can also see progress on things.

It is now time for me to wrap up here and get the work done that is on my desk.  I hope everyone has a good week and you continue to find bits of time to do things that you enjoy doing each day.  Stay safe and well and hopefully next week I will have a bit more progress to show you.

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