Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Progress and a finish

Mini Forgotten - Jan 11

Here it is Tuesday morning this week, and I am going to try and show you a little bit of what I have been working on in the last week.

Mini Forgotten - Feb 15
Mini Forgotten - this project has come back out and got some attention this weekend.  I decided that it was time to see if I could make some good progress on it. I worked on filling in some of the areas for a while and then decided that considering there is a lot of black in the piece that I would try and focus on it for a while.

The project is still a long way from looking like much, but at least I know that I am 7.35% finished on this piece.  I am using Pattern Keeper App for tracking my progress on this piece, and it makes me feel so good when I can see where I am on the project and also the number of stitches that I have completed.

I look forward to seeing if I can get some more of this project worked on in the next little while as it would be nice to see more of the areas filled in that I need to work on and then I might start to see the different areas of the design start to come to life.

Diagonal Shawl - Feb 10
Diagonal Garter Shawl - I worked on this piece again to make sure that I could get to the point where I was able to see the actual width of the piece.  I am now at the point where I increase at one end of the row and decrease at the other end to keep the overall size of the shawl the same.  I am now going to be working on the overall length of the shawl so, that means that I will be working on it for a while as I need to get the one side to measure 60 inches before I do the decrease for the other side of the shawl.

Diagonal Shawl - Feb 13
The yarn that I am using for this is Meandering by Loops & Threads.   I had been looking at this yarn for a while, and then I saw it on sale, so I figured I would pick it up and work on this shawl. The label says it is a worsted weight yarn, but I think it might be slower to a double knitting or sports weight yarn, but for this project, it is working up fine.

Fidget Blanket - this is a project that I have been thinking about making for a little while now, and finally, this weekend, I sat down and worked on it.

Fidget blanket - A fidget blanket is a lap-size quilt that provides sensory and tactile stimulation for the restless hands of someone with Alzheimer's or other forms of dementia, such as ADD, or an autism spectrum disability.

Fidget Blanket - Feb 17
I have to admit that it was interesting to work on to make sure that the different items fit into the areas that I had but also that they were all working, and none of the pieces are not attached.  I am now going to see if I make any more of these in the future, but at least I know that it does take a lot of planning to make one of these.  I know that I could have added probably a couple more items, but I also didn't want to make it too complicated.  

I am happy with all the progress that I made over the last week on things. I do have another project that I am working on, but I won't be taking a picture of it until it is finished as it is a gift.  

I hope everyone has a great week and you find little bits of time to do the things you love to do each day.   I am now going to get the work done that I need to get done and then will see if I can find some time to work on some of these projects this week.

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