Sunday, September 3, 2017

Quotes to Live By - part 9 to completed

Quotes to Live By - ready for part 9
September 1st:
I decided that as this is the last section of Quotes to Live By I was going to write a blog on how the progress goes on this piece.

The first picture of course it before the pattern is released as it comes out on September 1st. Last night we made sure that the fabric was already for when I could start the stitching. I am going to put each picture I take on the progress on this piece until the final piece is finished.

Quotes to Live By - part 9 - Sept 1
I have loved working on this project and sure it has been nine months of waiting for each section to be released but it has been something that I really enjoyed. As I write this first part of the blog I am sitting and waiting for the final pattern to be released and then I will be able to find a bit of time at some point today to get started.

The pattern for Quotes to Live By was released around 10 am on the 1st of the month  so I purchased it and then tried to find some time during the day to make a start on the piece.  I was able to get the border done a bit of the top of the design so now to see how things go over the weekend.

September 2nd:
Quotes to Live By - part 9 Sept 2nd
After getting the border done yesterday it was time to start working on the actual words of the quote so Saturday evening I was able to start working down on the quote and that makes me happy.  I am going to see how much of it I can get done over the the weekend as I would really like to see this piece finished.  I hope to be able to find some time throughout the rest of the weekend where I can be adding the different words that are part of the quote.  I will see how much more I can get done this weekend and then see how quickly I can finish up the quote.

September 3rd:
Quotes to Live by - part 9 Sept 3rd
I figured today I was going to continue to work on getting this project moved forward because I wanted to see if I could get it finished soon.  The stitching today seemed to go so much quicker than it had been going in the last couple of months so I decided to sit and see how much of this project I could get done. The words just seemed to start to appear on the fabric and that is when I realized that with a little bit of effort I was going to be able to get this piece finished before the end of the day.

I am extremely happy to say that this project is now FINISHED.  the final piece measures 18.5 inches by 13.75 inches.  I have to say that I appreciate all the support and encouragement that I have had along the way in getting this piece finished.  I have never had a project this large before even with all the stitching I have done though out the years. This piece has a very special meaning to me and yes "I should have stitched it on darker fabric."
Quotes to Live By - finished Sept 3rd

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