Monday, September 11, 2017

A slow week

Sabbatical Beauty - August 29
Sabbatical Beauty - September 5
This week has been a busy week for me so that wasn't a lot of stitching time but at least I have been able to move a couple of projects forward a little bit.

Sabbatical Beauty - now this is the first project that I worked on this week because I was really interested in seeing how this was going to turn out using the over dyed floss.

Sabbatical Beauty - September 9
It didn't take me too long to get this design stitched up and have to admit that I am still not sure if I like this design with the over dyed floss that I used.  Maybe if it wasn't as drastic a colour change it might have looked better but at least I was able to get something finished up quickly which is what I was looking forward to doing.

Halloween Biscornu - September 5
After I finished the over dyed version of Sabbatical Beauty I decided that I was going to stitch it with a solid DMC colour so I quickly started it and have made a bit of progress on it.  Maybe this will be a project that will get finished up this week if I can actually sit and work on it.

Halloween Biscornu - September 4
Halloween Biscornu - here is a project that I have been fighting with since I started it.  Maybe part of it is I have wanted to work on this design on an orange fabric and just couldn't seem to be happy with using a grey fabric.

I also discovered that with this being an over dyed fabric the fabric that was originally a 28 count fabric is more like a 30 count or something like that.  I am still working on this piece but it is taking me a little longer than I had hoped to see some good progress on it.

Halloween Biscornu - September 10th
Virus Shawl - September 7
This week I was able to find some orangey fabic and decided that it might work a little better for what I really wanted for this piece.  I picked up the piece of fabric and of course had to start the new version of it. the piece doesn't show the true colour of the fabric as it is a peachy orange colour and I am loving how this is turning out.  It is also on aida so it is stitching up a little quicker so I hope to be able to get part of the biscornu finished up soon.

Virus Shawl - now this is a different shawl than I was working on last week and this is called the Virus Shawl. I found this pattern also on the Crochet Crowd website and wanted to try it out.  I am going to work on this a little bit at a time but my focus has to be back on the Fluffy Meringue shawl so that I can get it finished before the end of this month.

Fluffy Meringue Shawl - there is no picture of the shawl this week as it didn't change much.  I am working on it but had to admit that over the last week I just wasn't able to get much stitching done on it.  I like having some time where I can work on a spray at a time which is four rows and I just didn't have that time so now to get back to working on it.

Yes I have a lot of different projects on the go at one time and a lot of that is due to the need to have projects that either fit a specific mood or fits into how much time that I have to work on a project.

When you love crafting you just need to remember that you need to find the time to do what you enjoy.  Sure it might only be a few minutes at a time but at least it is a few minutes.  Doing stuff that you love to do is what is important and this week showed me that even without a lot of time I was able to get little bits of things done.

I now have some work that I need to get to so that is what the focus is going to be for today and then hopefully this evening I will be able to move something forward again.

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