Monday, September 25, 2017

Making Progress

This week I didn't have a lot of time to sit and craft so when I did I tried to get some progress on something as quickly as I could.

Lady - September 17
Lady - now this is the piece that got the attention when I had the time to sit and work on a cross-stitch. I decided that I was going to sit and work on getting some of the cloak and dress finished because I want to get into the hair and face soon.

Lady - September 24
When I picked up the piece this week I decided that I was going to try and work on sections of the dress at a time instead of trying to work on a row and maybe that helped a little bit because I was able to see some progress quickly which was nice.

I am not sure how much time I am going to have to stitch this week but will see what progress I can make on something.

Fluffy Meringue Shawl - September 24
Fluffy Meringue Shawl - after finishing the grey version of that shawl I decided to see how it would look with different colours.  The Blue version is the same yarn as I did the grey one in so I know how that one is going to turn out so that makes me happy.
Fluffy Meringue Shawl - September 24

I am having a lot of fun working on this pattern because it is easy to do and I can see some results quickly.  Now the second version that I am now working on was suppose to be just started and then put away until this coming week but as you can see I did more than just start the shawl.  It is now put away until this week when I will see how much of it I can work on.

Last week was a very busy week and this week is going to be the same so there isn't going to be a lot of time to sit and craft.  I am going to see how much of anything I can get done and then will see what I get done.

I hope to be able to see a bit of progress on something this week but will have to see how things go.  Hopefully next week I will have some progress on something to show you.

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