Monday, July 17, 2017

Some progress

Lady - June 25th
 This week I decided that trying to focus on only a couple of pieces would be a good idea so that is what I did.  I decided that I would try and work on two of the pieces for the art show and see if I could make a bit of progress on both of them.

Lady - this is a piece that is based on some art work by an artist and I have converted her piece into a cross-stitch pattern and am now working on getting it stitched.
Lady - July 16th

I had part of her cloak outlined before I picked it up this week and now I have some of her dress outlined and have started all the filling in.  I figure having the areas that I can work on while sitting outside or when I get together with friends to stitch is great.  It means that I don't have to worry about counting stitches or looking at the pattern.  I can now just sit and stitch and enjoy the time either outside or with friends.

Tiger Lily - June 4th
Tiger Lily - this is a piece that is based on a photo and I converted it into cross-stitch and have been enjoying seeing the actual picture come to life.  I still have quite a bit more to do on this as the finished piece is going to be around 6 inches square.  I am liking how it is turning out so far so will see how much more I can get done on this piece in the next week.
Tiger Lily - July 13th

I am finally getting closer to getting the left side of the design joined and that is going to make me very happy.  Just seeing the progress that I was able to make in the last week on this is great considering the colours that I have been using.  There are a lot of colour changes in this piece so that means it is taking me longer to work on but that is fine. I am looking forward to when I am actually working on the flowers more and not just the green background which has been my focus for the last little while.

I didn't get much other crafting done last week as I tried to stay focused on the two projects.  I am now going to try and make a bit of a dent in the other things that I also have on the go and that is also after getting all my work done.

My goal this week is to continue to work on Lady and maybe Tiger Lily because I would like to see a change in both of them before the end of the week.  Other than that I have a couple of other projects that I want to work on but until they are moved forward they are just ideas so will not write about them.

I have some work that needs my attention so that will be my focus for a bit and then I will see what projects get my attention during the week and what projects will have to wait until the weekend when I can focus on them a bit more.

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