Monday, July 24, 2017

One crazy week

Lady - July 16
I can honestly admit that I had one crazy week where stitching wasn't something that I was able to focus on.  I did try and spend a bit of time stitching as I know it sometimes helps me stitch my mind back together.

Lady - this project got the most attention this week and I have to admit that it really wasn't as much attention as I hoped to be able to give this piece.
Lady - July 21

I am now working on filling in on the lower area and I know that it is going to take some time to get all the garnet and grey sections done.  I hope to be able to give this piece a bit more attention this week and hopefully get a bit more done on the dress and cloak.  I am trying to focus on the grey of the dress because once that is done I might feel a little better about things.

Tiger Lily - July 13
Tiger Lily - July 21
Tiger Lily - now this project got about an hour of attention this week but at least I was able to see a little bit of progress on it and that makes me feel good.  I am trying to work on some areas of this piece so that I can see some progress otherwise when I loo at it I don't see much progress.  Working on the blocks of 10 x 10 or sometimes 20 x 10 means that I am at least starting to see areas some to life.  I have almost finished connecting the top and bottom on the design and then it will be adding more of the oranges to the design.

This week my goal is to get at least the side connected together and then I will see how much more of the piece that I will be able to work on.

I didn't get a lot of sewing done this week either so nothing to show as I really didn't finish anything.  Once I can sit and do some of the sewing that I want to do I will have pictures of a bunch of things that are just wanting to be finished.  Project envelopes are close to being finished but again they still need the finishing on them all.

Hopefully this week will be a little calmer and I will be able to spend some time a couple of evenings working on my stitching.  I am not sure how much time I am going to be able to give to stitching as I have a couple of projects that are going to be taking my attention but that's fine.

It is now time for me to get some of the work done that needs to get done this week and hopefully I will be able to find some stitching time as well.

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