Monday, July 31, 2017

A week with some progress

Tiger Lily - July 21st
This has been a week where I decided to try and make a bit of progress on a few projects instead of just working on one of them. I also decided that I was going to try and work on some projects that haven't had a lot of attention for a while after I worked on one of the Art show pieces.

Tiger Lily - now this is one of the Art Show pieces so I wanted to try and get a bit more work on it this week and I am happy with the progress that I made.  I finally have been able to join the top and bottom sections together and now to see how the rest of the design comes together.

Tiger Lily - July 30
I am going to continue working on Tiger Lily because I am looking forward to seeing how the flower turns out.  I keep looking at this piece and can see where some of the flower is going to appear but then again I will have to wait until I have stitched a bit more to actually see the flower. This project is taking quite a bit of time but I have been enjoying all the work on it.

Linen and Threads - Mystery Stitch Along - May 29
Linen and Threads - Mystery Stitch Along - this is a project that hasn't seen any work on it for a couple of months so I figured it was time to try and at least get a few stitches done on it.  I spent a couple of hours on this piece and saw that I at least was able to make a bit of progress on it and that made me feel good.  Maybe once Quotes to Live By is finished I will get back to working on this piece and making some good progress on it.

Linen and Threads - Mystery Stitch Along - July 29
Linen and Threads does take a bit of time to work on each of the sections because I am working on 20 count fabric over one and of course it just doesn't seem to want to work well when I am trying to get areas done quickly.

Twisted Rainbow Sampler - June 5
 Twisted Rainbow Sampler - here is another project that was been put aside and hasn't seen a lot of attention in the last couple of months.  I worked on this piece in early June and then it was put aside while I worked on a bunch of the Art Show pieces.

Twisted Rainbow Sampler - July 29
It felt really good being able to get a bit more of this piece accomplished as well and it will hopefully get more attention after Quotes to Live By is finished which should be in early September as there are only two more pieces of that piece to be released. Seeing some of the colour changes happening is also nice and I am looking forward to adding some more colours to this piece.

Besides working on these pieces I have been trying to get some of the project envelopes finished so now they just need to be pressed and then snaps put on them.  I hope to take some pictures of the envelopes when they are all finished.

I have some work that needs to be done so I am now off to get that done and will see what crafting I am able to do this evening. 

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