Monday, January 16, 2017

One lost weekend

Reflections of Canada - January 5th
After I wrote my quick update late last week I figured I would have some time this weekend to actually sit and do some stitching.  Well, as you can probably guess the plan of having a day to sit and stitch and see how  much more of Reflections of Canada done just didn't happen.

What I ended up doing was trying to organize some of my craft supplies and get them into boxes so that I know what I really have. This also meant time to try and figure out which crafts I was still interested in doing and what crafts were not going to be part of my long list of the crafts that I still do.
Reflections of Canada - January 12th

I think we all go through times when we realize that a craft that we thought we would like just didn't turn out to be so enjoyable.   I have also found that there are now yarns that I loved working with before now no longer interest me.  It goes feel good when after a couple of days of cleaning up I can say I do know the crafts that I really enjoy doing and then the crafts that just aren't for me. The yarn that I no longer like will be finding a new home which is great and the other craft supplies will be going to a school program so that some kids will be able to use the supplies that I have.
Mint green granny squares

I am still going to be doing a lot of the crafts that I blog about because those are the ones that I enjoy the most.  I am looking forward to seeing how the projects that I have now put on my list to work on actually go. 

One project that I have been finding a challenge lately is the baby hats that I have been making.  Of course, I am still going to make baby hats but maybe just not as many as I did last year.  A project that I am now going to try is to make a couple of baby sweaters during three round granny squares.  I have made this sweater in the past so decided to try to make it again.  I have now started making some of the squares that I need so will see how it goes, I have 20 out of the 54 squares completed.  The worst part of this project will be sewing the squares together so I am going to try and do that a bit at a time instead of at the end.

This week I am going to try and spend a bit of time crafting each evening as I do find that it helps me regain the focus that I need for work.  My evening crafting is my meditation and something that helps me figure out the next day and how I am going to be tackling the things on my to-do-list.

Hopefully this week I will be able to get some crafting done but until then I have some work that needs my attention.

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