Tuesday, January 31, 2017

A finish

Reflections of Canada - Jan 30th
I am very happy to say that Reflections of Canada by Ink Circles is complete.

Yesterday I spent the time to finish up the piece so that it would be done by the end of the month.  I loved the piece and in some ways are sad to see it finished so now to figure out which project is going to be getting my attention now.

There wasn't much that had to be done on this piece yesterday to have a finish so after getting the work done that I needed to do I figured it was time to enjoy this piece and and see it finished. 

Reflections of Canada - Jan 29th
So now the goal for me is to figure out which project or projects will get the attention now because of course there are quite a few in the pile of ones that I would like to complete.  At the beginning of the year I put together a list of the projects that I wanted to work on and some progress done on this year so now to see which one gets the attention.

Here is the list of the projects that are on the list and hopefully soon I will write a bit more about each of them.
1. Polar Bear Face On
2. Sugar
3. Bluenose Dime
4. Salmon Rose
5. Tiger Lily
6. Flower and Butterfly
7. Tiny Dragon - Water
8. Cirque des Cercles
9. Reflections of Canada -- now complete
10. Joyful World - February through December

Now to figure out which project will be the main focus for a little while.  Tonight I will see which project gets my attention.  It may not be the one that lasts as the focus but at least for tonight I will see what gets some stitching done on it.

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