Monday, January 30, 2017

A good week of progress

Reflections of Canada - Jan 22nd
Here it is Monday morning and I am happy to be able to say that over the last week I was able to find some time to actually sit and stitch. I didn't have as much time as I would have liked to stitch but at least I have something to show for this past week.  I was busy most days so that meant that the evenings were limited but at least I got in some stitching most evenings.  Two of the evenings were taken up with other projects but at least my needle was in my hand most evenings this week.

Reflections of Canada became the project that got all the attention as I decided that I was going to try and finish this project before the end of the month. I decided this at the beginning of this past week that I figured that I might be able to get it done but I wasn't sure.  I was just under the half way mark when I made this decision so that meant that I would have to focus on it if I wanted to get it done.
Reflections of Canada - Jan 29th

I love stitching Reflections of Canada due to all the small little designs that I get to stitch.  I have fun when I am stitching because I know what it is that is going to appear each time I finish an area. So after spending this last week stitching I am getting close to having a finish and that makes me extremely happy. 

Yesterday I worked on it after dinner and by the time I put it down I saw that I should be able to get it done with just a bit more time.  I have four more small designs to stitch and that's it.  I am happy with the piece and am happy that I might even be able to get it done without one month of starting.

Now that this design is getting close to being completed I am starting to think about what project will get the attention next.  I am going to see what I feel like after this is done before picking the next piece that will get my attention.  I would love to be able to get some more pieces finished up this year so that is what I am going to be aiming for.

I would love to be able to stitch more than I do but at least finding that hour or two most evenings makes me happy because I am seeing some results. I now have some work that needs my attention so I better get to doing that so that I can make sure that I have some stitching time this evening. 

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