Tuesday, September 6, 2016

A good week

This week I was able to get some crafting done and I am happy with that.

Before I write about the crafting I am going to talk about something that I did on Saturday.

Which hat would you like?
Smiles from the children
Over the last while I have been working on making some children's hats and had a pile of them looking for a few home.  I had been giving them to a local  community service office but then gave that up.  I gave it up when they were calling and asking for lots of hats without giving me any notice.  I was getting a call like this "Hi, we were wondering if you have 45 hats ready, we need them by next Friday for the back to school program."  What the office didn't realize was I wasn't going to just make hats if they didn't need them and have them all sitting around.  I also couldn't make 45 hats in a couple of weeks. When they had the back to school program I tried to help for a while but also normally tried to have hats made that were colour appropriate for the children.  I would ask how many girls and how many boys were going to attend the program.

After I gave up helping the office I still worked on the occasional hat so that meant that I had some sitting waiting for me to find a place where I could give them. A couple of weeks ago we heard about a back to school event that was going to be held in our community.  I was able to contact the organizer and he said he would appreciate the hats and I could give them out myself during the event.

A hug from one little girl.  Great feeling.
Saturday meant that we took the 29 hats that I had and during the event gave them to younger children who were going to be going to school this week. The hats were for the children starting kindergarten and junior kindergarten so that was the group I aimed for. 

A lot of the children really liked their hats and even with the temperature of around 24C put their hats on which was really nice. One little girl gave me a hug for the hat which made me feel so good.

I heard a lot of thanks from the children that received the hats so now I am looking forward to seeing these hats in the neighbourhood when the weather gets colder.
Sugar - August 28th

This last week I was able to get some cross-stitch done and that was also good.  I focused on one project for most of the time that I could spend stitching. I decided that I was going to try and work on the background of this project for a while as I could do this while sitting outside or listening to some podcasts.  The other nice thing about the background of this design is it is only a half cross so it doesn't take as long to do.

Of course as the week was wrapping up I discovered a design that I loved and had to get it charted and ready to stitch.  I was able to get the design charted and have started to stitch it but I am going to leave that project until after I talk to the artist to show anything about it.
Sugar - September 5th

This week I am not sure which project will get my attention.  I also think it will depend on how warm it really gets out because if it is like they say it is going to be I may just work on some baby hats because they are easy to work on while sitting outside.

It is back to school for the children in our neighbourhood so that will mean a new schedule for everyone.  I am happy that I can still sit here and work on my stuff and am not impacted as much with the new routine that others have.  For now, it is time to get a bit of work done and then I will see what project I pick up this evening.

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