Monday, August 29, 2016

Finally getting a bit of cross-stitch done

Monarch - August 16th
The weather has finally cooled down just a little bit and I have been able to find a little bit of time in the evenings to work on some of my cross-stitch projects.

One piece got the most attention this week and that was Monarch Butterfly.  It really didn't get a lot of attention but at least it was the one that I can say that the focus on it for this week.

Monarch - August 27th
What I wanted to accomplish this week was to get to the right side of the project so that I knew how big the project was going to be.  I am happy now that I know that I have reached all four sides of the project so now it is just filling in the various areas.  I am not sure how I am going to work on this project but I hope over the next while to see some more progress on it as I am looking forward to getting it done.

The Tiger Lily did get a little bit of attention this week and that was one evening when I found that I just wanted to sit and work on it.

Tiger Lily - August 21st
The Tiger Lily is being worked on in areas instead of in colours.  I am trying to finish a block at a time with this project so that is nice as well.  What it does mean is I am not going to be seeing a lot of the design show up at a given stitch time but at least I am seeing that I am getting this project worked on.

Tiger Lily - August 24th
I have passed the half way mark on the bottom of the design and I think I am close to the half way up on the left side but will see when I check the pattern next time I pick up this project.  I think that I will now start to see more of the Tiger Lily appear as it is on the right side and upper part of the design.  This one is a lot of fun to work on because just by filling in a few blocks at a time I can see the design slowly come to life.

Sugar - April 17th
What both of these designs are showing me is I can work on projects differently depending on what I feel like.  Tiger Lily is being worked on more at a block at a time while Monarch is being worked on either a colour at a time or a section at a time depending on what I feel like on that stitching time.

One more project got a little bit of attention this week and it is Sugar.  I haven't picked this project up since Aprils so I figured it was time to try and at least put a few stitches in on it.  What I did was work on getting the outline done of the total project because this one is 10 inches square so yes it is going to be a rather large project when it is finished.  I have quite a bit of background to work on so am figuring that I am going to try and get Sugar outlined and then depending on what I feel like I can either work on the background or the actual full stitches in the design. 
Sugar - August 26th

The red threads on the design are showing me the center of the design.  It also gives me an area to show me how much of the total design that I have got done.  I would love to get the bottom of this design stitched soon but will see what happens over the next few weeks. 

A lot of my projects are being worked on slowly right now and that is because of how many I have on the go.  Blackwork Dragon didn't get any attention this week and I hope to be able to get some more of it done in the next couple of weeks.

There are some projects that haven't been worked on for over a year so I am thinking that maybe they will slowly start to see some work on them as well.   I have a list of 7 cross-stitch projects that I would like to work on over the next while so now to see which one actually gets the attention when I feel like stitching.

I am continuing to work on some baby hats and afghans and will see how many I was able to stitch in August on Wednesday of this week.  I have a pile sitting that will be going to the hospital later this fall but I haven't sat down and figured out how many hats I have completed this month. 

There are now some things that need my attention so I am going to go and do them and see if this evening I can work on one of the projects that I have sitting waiting for those few stitches to be done on them.

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