Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Progress and another finish

Bluenose Dime - Feb 4th
This week was a pretty good week for working on projects in the evenings.  I was determined to see if I could at least make a bit of progress on a couple of the projects that I have on the go.

Bluenose Dime - Feb 15th
The Bluenose Dime had only been getting small bits of attention so this week I decided to try and see if I could at least make a bit of progress on it.  I am going to say that having Family Day also meant that I had some time to actually sit and work on it for a little while. Of course sitting and working on it made me happy because I am finally starting to see a bit more progress on it.  This project is being done differently than I do a lot of my projects.  The Bluenose Dime uses both regular DMC floss and Silk floss so I am going to be getting all the regular DMC floss stitched before I start adding the silk floss.   I still have areas that need to be completed before adding the silk.  Hopefully if I can focus on this project again for another couple of evenings I might be able to see even more progress on it before next weekend.
Butterfly - Dec 6th

Besides working on Bluenose Dime I decided to see if I could finish the Butterfly that I started in December.  Yes, this is one of the projects that put aside when I decided to work on Blackwork Knight and Blackwork Princess. It didn't take me long to get some progress on this project and by Sunday evening I was able to say that I have finished the Butterfly so it is now onto another project.

Butterfly - Feb 14th
I always have projects on the go so it doesn't take me long to look and see which project is going to be worked on next.  I still have one project that I am working on and haven't shown any progress as I want to keep it a surprise for now.

Besides working on the cross-stitch patterns most evenings I was also able to find a little bit of time to sit and work on a baby afghan last night.  I didn't get much done on it but I still was able to add a couple of rows so that's better than nothing.

Family Day weekend was great as it gave my DH and I some time to spend together and do things together.   It is now back to work so that means we are going to be busy trying to do five days worth of work in four but we will get everything done.

Stitching of some sort is still on schedule for the evenings this week and I hope to have more to show you next week.  Until then, it's off to get some work done and then see if stitching can be done this evening.

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