Monday, April 21, 2014

Weekend Progress

Siux - Thursday event
This weekend I did spend some of it sitting and working on my cross-stitch Siux.  It felt very good just being able to focus on one project for a while without too many distractions and wanting to work on something else.  

With this being a three day weekend it meant that I could easily spend at least one day working on a project and that is what I did.  Friday was my day to sit and stitch and not worry about the emails or anything else that needed to be done.

Siux - Sunday evening
I am happy with the amount of stitching I was able to do because normally I would be doing other things and the stitching would be left for another day.  As you can see on the Sunday photo I am getting to the areas of the wing that I will need to make colour decisions on.  These decisions are going to be done on a nice sunny day when I can sit and look at the floss colours and make the decisions.

I am going to continue working on this project because I would like to get completed quickly so that I can show the artist the completed cross-stitch when I see him next.  Yes I know I am a little crazy but I have to admit having a deadline also helps me get something completed instead of putting it down and starting another project.

Besides working on this project on the weekend I went out and picked up the missing floss for some of the other projects that I have designed.  I am going to get all the floss for these projects ready so that once I finish this piece I can start the next one.  I have already chosen which project is next as it is another piece of artwork but by a different artist.

Time to now head off and get some work completed so that I can once again spend my evening stitching.

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