Saturday, April 12, 2014

Another cross-stitch start

Scarlett - John Clayton Elegance Cross-stitch
Scarlett - John Clayton Elegance Cross-stitch
So this week besides doing everything else that I know I should be doing I had another cross-stitch start.  This was is special because my DH bought the pattern for me as a birthday present.

This one is called Scarlett by John Clayton.  I saw this pattern earlier this year and immediately fell in lover with it.  I don't normally do people so it is going to be something a little different for me to do.

The first picture was taken Wednesday afternoon as that is what I was able to get done at the beginning of the week.  The second picture was just taken this morning and that is how much I have been able to get done during a rather busy week for me.

I know it doesn't look like much right now but I think if I am able to spend some time on it over the next week I should be able to see some changes.  The biggest thing was just getting a section done as a base so that now I can work on getting some other colours added and that will help as well. 

On Wednesday I received another cross-stitch pattern as a birthday gift that it was Red by Mirabilia.  This was given to me by another cross-stitcher and a good friend - Leftover Chocolate Stitches and I think I am going to be stitching on that pattern for a very long time because there is lots of detail in it but I have liked this pattern as well since before Christmas and just hadn't picked it up.

I guess I better walk away from the computer for a while and see if I can put a few more stitches in Scarlett.  I do have a lot of patterns that are currently calling out to me to stitch so I better get one completed before another one wants the attention.

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