Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 in review and 2014 goals

 I decided that it is time for me to look at my goals and see how I am actually doing on reaching my goals for 2013.

2013 goals and results:
1. Complete 225 items didn't reach this goal but that's fine as did some bigger items
2. Blog at least 4 time a month: didn't make it 4 times a month but managed to blog 49 times over the year
3. Compete at Markham Fair in 2013: decided not to compete as I am busy with work this year and it also conflicts with a couple of other work events that weekend.
4. Complete 3 items for myself: knits 3 pair of socks
5. Get stash to below 360 pounds: bought yarn instead of using yarn
6. Complete 3 cross-stitch that I already have started: haven't completed
7. Spend more time writing both personally and professionally: have been doing a lot more writing this year as I kept track of my writing and wrote over 180,000 words (journal and blog) for the year

I can actually pretty happy with where I got with my 2013 goals.  I know that there are things that didn't get completed this year but at least I know why.  I do wish I could blog a little more but understand why I didn't blog more often helped.

2014 goals:
1. Blog at least 4 times a month
2. Complete 3 items for myself
3. Get stash to below 360 pounds
4. Start Cirque des Cercles on Jan 1/14 and finish it by Dec 31/14
5. Get some of my craft items up onto Etsy and see if they sell
6. Complete 3 cross-stitch that I already have started
7. Spend more time writing both personally and professionally

Yes some of the goals are a repeat as I want to continue to do things that make me happy.  Of course some goals are repeated because I didn't reach them last year and others are repeated because I did reach them.  Of course, there will be other things that come up and change some of my goals but at least I can say that I am happy with where things stand.

My goals give me a reason to work hard and also it means that at the end of the year I can see what I really did accomplish.

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