Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Progress Report

Cirque des cercles as of Jan 20th
Well figured it was time to post an update on Cirque des cercles.  I haven't been working on it as much as I should have as of course I am crocheting as well.

The results of my stitching so far is I have got the bottom row of circles outlines so now need to fill all of them in.  I haven't decided if I am going to finish outlining all the circles for the piece before filling them in or not.

I am happy with how it is now turning out and actually there are days when all I have wanted to do is sit and stitch.  Of course work gets in the way and I just can't sit and cross-stitch but I am finding that most evening now I am finding time to at least craft a bit. 

I do want to get more of this project completed this month as I have decided to do a Stitch-along with a few ladies and we are starting another project on February 1st. We are all going to be stitching La Pensée Positive from Les Marottes de Nathalie.  I am going to be doing the English version and I know at least one person is doing the French version.  The quote is from Norman Vincent Peale.
Keep your heart from hate,
Your mind from worry.
Live simply,
expect little,
give much.
Scatter sunshine,
forget yourself,
think of others.
 I have pulled all the floss for this project and also have the fabric ready to go.  I hesitated about doing this Stitch-along but figured I have never done one so it was time to at least try one.  So yes there is going to be another project on the go come February 1st so that means I need to work on Cirque des Cercles a bit more this month.

Time to forget about work for today and maybe curl up with some cross-stitch or crocheting.  Will depend on the project once I turn off the computer.

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