Sunday, May 19, 2013

Stitch Night

This is what Stitch Night means to me and I will admit that I do enjoy going to them when I can but I cannot always go due to work commitments and I don't need to get grief because I miss Stitch Night. Stitch Night is a great get together but it doesn't help pay bills.

People do to stitch night for different reasons
  • some to chat
  • some to stitch
  • some to shop
  • some to do all of the above

If I don't feel like stitching, I don't have to stitch even when I am at Stitch Night. Sometimes the project I thought I wanted to work on when I picked it at home turns out that it isn't the project I want to work on while sitting at Stitch Night. To me, Stitch Night is suppose to be fun and a chance to see and visit with friends. A lot of these friends are only seen at Stitch Night so it is monthly and sometimes it can be 2 – 4 months because when we see each other. Of course a lot of us enjoy spending the time stitching today but we always want to catch up with each other and talk about other things.

Workshops are an OK part of the Stitch Night but they need to be on a limited basis and the instructors need to know that a lot of us will chat during the evening. If I have learned what the instructor taught don't tell me I would get more stitching done if I didn't talk so much. If I understand what I am doing it should be up to me how I spend the rest of the evening. I stitch at Stitch Night because I want to not because someone else is making me stitch. I know I am one of those that if you tell me I should be stitching and not talking, I will slow down my stitching even more. Also if I don't want to do the workshop I shouldn't be made to feel any different than those who are taking the workshop.

Stitch Night to me is a chance to see friends that I don't see very often, stitch on a project that I want to work on and enough myself.

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