Friday, May 17, 2013

Earth moved under us today

Well this morning was going to be a nice and quite morning for me until I was sitting and felt things move around me.  What I was feeling was an earthquake that happened near Ottawa, Ontario.  It was a 4.8 magnitude earthquake and thank goodness there is no report of any damage anywhere.  We don't even live that close to Ottawa so it was a surprise.  Basically most of Southern Ontario felt it as it happened around 9:45am here.

Glad that there is no damage and now it just means that the nerves need to settle down. 

It has been interesting talking to people as some people felt it and others didn't and in some cases they are not far apart.  Now to get back to work so that I can have a relaxing weekend where I can craft.

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ChaosAdventurer said...

the biggest we felt of the set turns out to be 5.2

certainly an unsettling experience for those of us who haven't felt them much at all (my 2nd) even if it is just a swaying of the building we were in.