Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Sock update

Sock 1 as of February 26th

Sock 2 as of February 26th

Socks as of March 4th
I am very happy to say that I have made some progress on my socks over the last week.  Sock 1 is finally at the toe decrease so that sock is almost done which is great as I can't wait to start the other sock like this one.  This yarn (Kroy sock yarn) is really nice to work with and it was fun watching the colours and pattern develop as I knit over the last couple of days.

Sock 2 is finished and I have already started the second sock of that pair.  This sock was a little more boring to knit but considering there was some colour changes it did help some.  I hope that over the next week or so I will be able to finish the second sock for this pair.  This yarn was also Kroy sock yarn just not as many colour changes.

I hope that I will be able to get both of these pairs finished quickly so that I will have new socks to wear before the weather gets warmer.

I am going to try and continue working on socks between other projects but so far have really been enjoying working on socks for a change.  Maybe part of that is I am making something for myself instead of always making things for others.  The other part of knitting socks on short circular needles is all the interesting looks you get when you are knitting in public.  So many people can't believe that I can knit on the short circular needles but I am really enjoying it.  I only use the double point needles when I work on the toe decrease so considering it's less than 20 rows I don't really mind.

Now time to get the work done that is sitting in front of me and then I am going to finish sock 1 and start of sock 1 second sock.  Yes I will continue to have two socks on the go but then I can decide what I feel like working on.

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