Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Hardanger project

Dream Castle by X's and Oh's Jo Gatenby
Well last night I was looking for a project that I could work on that wasn't too hard as I want to take it to Stitch Night at Gitta's tonight.  I looked and looked and none of my projects really caught my attention so I decided to start another project.

The project I decided to start was Dream Castle by X's and Oh's.  The project is a hardanger piece and I haven't one a hardanger project for quite a few years. I am doing this on a light grey overdyed  28ct piece of fabric that I picked up when I got the pattern.  There is lots and lots of work to do on this project so will see what it looks like after Stitch Night.  I am currently working on the outline of the entire design as I want to make sure it meets up before I do any of the work that goes on the inside.

Besides working on this hardanger I was able to complete the Cyan stripes pair of socks and wore them yesterday.  Forgot to take a picture of them completed.  I am going to continue to work on socks as I have enjoyed the results so far.

Time to get a bit of work done so that I can relax tonight while sitting among friends and stitching.

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