Monday, March 18, 2013

Hardanger update

Dream Castle - X's and Oh's
Well I finally decided it was time to post an update on the hardanger that I started last week.  I was hoping to have this post earlier but there was a problem.  I didn't want to post a picture until I had got all the border stitched. 

On Wednesday I was really happy as I didn't have a lot more to do on the border only to discover that I was one row out on the final section.  It took me a day to find where the error was and then take it out.  I ended up putting in guide lines so that I could see where it went out.  I then spent a bit of time Saturday and yesterday working on getting it all re-stitched.  Well, last night when I got to the very end I discovered that again I was 1 column out this time so it took a bit of time to discover this error and correct it.  So here is the picture of the Dream Castle outline now completed.  I am going to work slowly on getting some of the other stitching done on this as I have a lot of work that needs my attention this week.

The actual border didn't seem to take too long to do but I know that the buttonhole border that I have to do is going to take quite a bit of time so I think I may work on that part bit by bit.  I also have lots of other stitches that need to be done on this project so I will see how long it really takes me to complete it.

I am also working on some socks as I really want to get a couple more pair of socks finished this month.  I have two socks on needles so am bouncing between the two of them so that I can get them both done.  One sock is currently beside my computer so that I can work on it a few stitches at a time and the other sock is in my purse so that when I am out and about I have something to work on.

I made a comment this weekend to my DH and that was "I never thought I would say that knitting socks was so relaxing".  I am happy to say that I am really enjoying knitting the tube socks on the 8 inch circular needles.  I do want to try a sock with a heel soon and will be asking a friend for a simple heel that I can try in the not too distant future.

Off to work now.

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Heather said...

Whaaa! One row off. I hope the mistake wasn't near the beginning.