Monday, December 17, 2012

This weekend's progress

Silver Dragon Sampler - Friday evening
This week I decided that it was going to be a cross-stitch weekend.  Well it wasn't a cross-stitch weekend but at least I was able to cross-stitch on Saturday.

Silver Dragon Sampler - Saturday evening
It did feel so good to be able to find and get some stitching done as I haven`t done a lot of cross-stitching at all this year.  I really want to get this pattern done before the end of the year considering it is dated.  I am hoping that I will be able to spend another day or two working on this pattern over the holidays and then it will be done.  I am almost at the half way mark so it shouldn`t be too hard to get it finished if I can focus on it.

So instead of cross-stitching on Sunday I decided to try and finish up a couple of other projects that I had on the go so finished another baby afghan that I was crocheting.  Now to finish up a couple of other items and then take some pictures of everything before they go to the people that requested these items.

Now this week is going to be busy so will see what I actually get accomplished.

Off to work I go.

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