Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Crafting results

Jamacian colour hats
So I finally got the camera out and took some pictures of all the different items that I have completed.  No I didn't put all the items here on the blog because it would have been a rather long and picture heavy blog entry.

What I did was to only put up three of the different items that I have made and enjoyed making.  The first picture was a special order that I took as the father wanted a hat for himself and matching hats for the two boys.  Of course I had to try and fulfill that order and I did even by putting his name on the hat.  (Last time I put a name on a hat.)

The new born set was also an order that I made.  Of course all of these items look a lot bigger in the picture but they were very quick to make and the results were well received.

New born winter set
To finish off the items is a ruffle scarf that I made Monday evening.  The yarn is by Estella and it's called Piccadilly.  The scarf is very easy to make but I have to admit that the fabric is very slippery and at one point the five stitches slipped off the needle and I thought it was going to mean restarting the scarf.  I was lucky and able to get the stitches back on the needle without any major problems so the scarf got completed without too many issues.

Ruffle scarf - yarn Piccadilly by Estella
Now that all the projects that were ordered for Christmas have been completed I am going to take a bit of time and work on projects just because I want to work on them.  You can probably imagine I have already started a couple of items and have other ones the go.

Things are finally starting to slow down for me work wise for the holidays so I think I am going to use this time to enjoy my crafting, drawing and writing.  Don't know how much I will actually get accomplished but at least I am thinking about getting some of the things worked on over the next couple of weeks.  This is all based on no other work issues coming to light.

Time to get the final bits of work completed so that I can then relax for a little bit.

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