Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Progress and Finish

Creating Yourself - Finished
 So the weekend is now over and I am happy to say that it was a productive weekend for stitching.  Creating Yourself is now completed and ready to be framed.  It was a lot of fun to work on and I am sad to see if finished in a lot of ways.  Maybe it was the saying that meant so much to me or maybe it was the butterflies but whatever it was I loved working on this one.

Creating Yourself - Butterfly detail
The two butterflies have metallic thread for the detail on them and the right one also has beads added for a little more detail.  The actual pattern called for french knots so I replaced them with the beads.  The pattern was also using DMC floss for all the colours.  The only DMC floss I used was the border and saying as all the rest was overdyed floss which I love working with.

Treasure Them Now...Or Eat Them!
After finishing Creating Yourself it didn't take me too long before I wanted to work on something else and of course I had a choice of working on something that was already started or starting something new.  I do have a new cross stitch that I really want to work on but I figured I better try and get at least one started project finished first.

The final decision was to work on something that I started in October 2011 at the Creativ Festival and that was Treasure Them Now...Or Eat Them! by Jennifer Aikmen-Smith. The pattern is of a dragon with her baby dragons so am looking forward to making some good progress on this pattern over the next little while.
Treasure Them Now...Or Eat Them!

So Sunday late afternoon I started working on Treasure Them Now and before putting it away for the evening I had to take a picture to see what I had actually accomplished.

This pattern also has some metallic threads in it so they will help show a bit of the detail.  In the final picture of Treasure Them there is a hint of some metallic threads in one area but it is going to take a while before the detail really starts to show up. 

Stitching will continue one evening this week but not really sure which night I will curl up and stitch again. 

Let's see how long it takes me to finish this cross-stitch and then a decision will be upon me again.  A started piece that needs finishing or start a new project.  Time will only tell.