Friday, February 17, 2012

Thursday progress

Creating Yourself - Feb 16th
Well this last week I haven't had much time to cross-stitch or craft at all as I was taking yet another course.  It is now over and I am back to being able to spend sometime crafting.

Last night after the course finished I was able to pick up Creating Yourself and did a bit of work on the butterflies themselves.  I am finally starting to see some good results but still need to spend quite a bit of time on this project before it's finished.  I hope that considering this weekend is a long-weekend here in Ontario that I can hide for a while and work on this project.  I want to finish the background on the butterflies and get the border done soon.

I am still loving working on this project and have to admit that it feels so nice just working on one cross-stitch project for a change instead of bouncing between a number of them and never really seeing any progress.  I was thinking about what I would work on next but I think I will wait until I am closer to finishing this one before I start looking in my started box.

Hopefully I will be able to post early next week some more progress on Creating Yourself, until then have a great long weekend if you get it.

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