Saturday, May 15, 2010

A Major Accomplishment

Before anyone says something this post has nothing to do with crafting but with a personal goal that I had set for myself and achieved this morning.

Over the last 6 years I have been helping organize a charity run/walk for allergies and never had a chance to actually do a walk. This morning my husband and I participated in our very first charity 5km walk and am happy to say that we completed it without any problems. I do have to give my husband a lot of credit as he stayed beside me most of the way due to a hill at the end that I was a little concerned about. I do have asthma so didn't know how the lungs and the legs would handle the hill. My husband did complete the walk a few seconds ahead of me so that he could take a picture of me finishing.

Last week we did a 7.2km walk and it took us 78 minutes so I figured that I should be able to complete this 5km walk in 55 minutes considering the hill up at the end. Now I didn't do much training for this event other than my normal walking so am extremely happy with the final time.

My time for this 5km walk was 49:39 minutes which is more than 5 minutes under what I had set for my goal. It's hard to explain how I am currently feeling other than extremely happy as I proved to myself I could do it and do it within a good time.

We did see someone that had participated last year at the run that we were race directors at and of course he won the 5km run event today. When we were talking he asked me my time and when I told him he was happy that I had done it in that short of time.

Now to put my feet up for a while and enjoy some well deserved crafting time.

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