Saturday, May 29, 2010

Hot weather means less crafting

This last week has been extremely hot here so have to admit that I haven't got much crafting done.

I was gifted with some part balls of worsted weight yarn so have been working on some granny squares for some lapghans that I will be making when it's cooler. I love having small projects to work on when the weather is hot. I at least can see that I am getting something done even if it isn't what I really want to be working on.

It's great when someone asks if you want some yarn and you can smile and say yes. Thank goodness my husband is understanding when I come home with more yarn. At least this yarn didn't cost me anything so it isn't too bad. Yes it was almost 4,500 grams of yarn but if I work hard on it I should be able to make a pretty good dent in it over the next couple of months.

This isn't the first time I have received yarn as last month my mom gave me some part balls of sports weight yarn and I have been working on making 12" x 17" baby blankets with that yarn. As I say I don't say no to free yarn when I know I will be able to use it.

So right now nothing really to show unless you want to see a pile of granny squares. Well better get back to crocheting so that I can use up some of this yarn.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend and if in Ontario enjoyed a cooler day today.

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