Friday, April 30, 2010

Name tag

For those of you waiting to see the finished name tag, I am happy to be able to finally show it off.

The rules were it was to be 3” x 4” and it had to have our name on it. I met both of these and actually made it into a small pocket to hold items such as a room key and I can hang it around my neck.

It was a challenge to figure out what was going to finally be on the name tag and what wouldn't work this time. What I was trying to show on this was some of the various parts of me as well as my love of various needlework techniques. The fabric is 32ct linen and the border is over 2 stitches. There are beads on the edges of the name tag as well. Now to try and explain each block.

  1. Mittens (cross-stitch over 1 thread) – I knit and crochet for charity and mittens are one of the items that I make.

  2. Computer (charm) – what part of my work is as a document writer and trainer.

  3. Yarn basket (specialty stitches) – I have a large stash of yarn and would love if my stash fit into a yarn basket.

  4. Name (cross-stitch) – I used over-dyed floss to show that I am not one dimensional and there are various parts to me.

  5. Specialty stitches – some of the stitches that are used in needlework.

  6. Cat and scissors (charms) – the cat or kitten refers to my nickname of Craftkitten and the scissors are something that a crafter that knits, crochets and does needlework requires.

  7. Spools of floss (metallic threads) – some of the threads that I use when doing some of my needlework and also how I enjoy wearing brighter colours sometimes.

  8. Deer and trees (cross-stitch and specialty stitches) – this is the view that I see out of my in-laws dining room window (aka Wildlife TV) and it also shows my love of nature.

  9. Flowers (petit point) – I love taking pictures of flowers and the design is by Kathrin who taught me how to petit point.

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Carolyn McNeil said...

It looks great! I love the addition of the running deer and the computer. It personalizes the piece beautifully!
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