Monday, January 19, 2009

Too many projects

I was finally getting my projects under control when I got an e-mail last week from a store saying that you could get some yarn for free if you completed one item for charity by this Saturday. Well you can imagine that I wanted to see how it worked. Last Friday we went to the store and you simply had to pick up a bag of yarn and then use some of this yarn to make one item for charity. The item could be a hat, a scarf or a pair of mittens. I figured that wasn't too bad to accomplish in a week.

As of me writing this post I have completed three hats and am currently working on a fourth hat for this charity. I figure what I am going to try and do is do at least one hat a day between when I picked up the yarn and when I drop off the items next Saturday. This does help me use up the yarn that a picked up because it was three balls of 170 gram worsted weigh yarn. I have finished one ball of yarn and will at least get another ball finished if I work hard.

This project has resulted me in putting all my other projects on hold for a week so that I can see how many items I can complete for this one charity in a week.

I hope that I can at least use up a lot of the yarn that I picked up last Saturday so that it doesn't impact my stash too much. People laugh when I tell them that I currently have more yarn than my husband weighs and I know that it is at least 40 - 50 pounds more than he weighs. My biggest goal is to now start using up some of this yarn as quickly as possible and see how many items I can complete in one year. I currently have a number of projects that just need to be completed so hopefully my completed list for January will be very good.

I better get back to knitting so that I can get lots completed before the end of the month.

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