Thursday, January 22, 2009

Knitting continues

I am still working on hats for one charity for the store and now have 5 hats completed and two more on the go. I have also finished one scarf so I think by Saturday I should have the 7 hats knit that I have wanted to do.

I am so looking forward to Saturday after I finished these hats so that I can get back to finishing off a number of things that I have on the go. I figure if I work hard I should have really good results for completed items for January. Now let's hope that I don't start a few more projects before I finish some of the ones that I just need to sew up.

The yarn that I am using is a very pale yellow so it isn't very exciting so will be very happy to see the end of this yarn. I figure I may have enough to make one or two more hats after this and I will probably try and get them done before the end of the month as well.

My stash doesn't seem to be going down very quickly and I know that I have purchased quite a bit of yarn this month so of course that means I haven't used any really from my stash. I think I need to try and work through what I have for a while otherwise I will never achieve one of my goals for this year of getting my stash down.

Now it's time to get back to knitting so that I can get these hats finished and then get the other items finished as the month is flying by and my completed pile seems to be very small.

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