Monday, September 23, 2019

Slow progress

Everyday Shawl - Sept 15
Here it is the start of another week, and some progress has been made on a couple of projects this week.
Everyday Shawl - Sept 22

I didn't have a lot of time to work on projects, so I grabbed when I did have and decided that I would focus on only a couple of projects and see how things went.
English Paper Piecing - Sept 15
English Paper Piecing - Sept 18

Everyday Shawl - this project has been moving forward at an ok rapid, and that is because I have been trying to knit at least 20 minutes a day on something.

I started the week with one chevron completed and ended the week with 4 of the chevrons finished.  I still have to add almost three more before I start the main section of the shawl, but I am loving how this one is turning out.  I want to see if I can get the other chevrons done before the end of the month but will have to see how the rest of things go.

I had been working on a circular need for this project but decided to go back to using the straight needles, and the speed of my knitting picked up which helped me get all the knitting done that I did this last week. Now to see how much attention this gets over this coming week as I would like to continue with the minimum 20 minutes a day knitting.

English Paper Piecing - so here it is, and I know that the pictures don't look a lot different and that is because the only difference is I was able to finish joining all the motifs together and remove some more of the paper templates.

I am still looking forward to working on getting some more of this project done as well as work on seeing what else I can make with these motifs.  I have come up with a couple more ideas besides the sewing kit holder so now to see what I can accomplish.  I know that making the motifs is a lot of fun and I do have a bit of a pile of fabric waiting to be made into the motifs so that might be part of what I focus on this week when I have a few minutes to sit and sew.

Modern Nordic - Sept 13
Modern Nordic - here is all the cross stitch that I completed this week and part of that is because I was busy working on a bunch of other things so sitting and stitching didn't happen as much as it does some weeks.  It didn't bother me not sitting and working on a lot of my cross stitch projects as I know that I had other things that I needed to get done and they were more important. 

It would be nice to see this little project done before the end of the month, but if it doesn't get done this month, there is always next month when I can get it done.  I know that getting it finished soon is one of my goals, but I am not going to stress about when it is completed.

Modern Nordic - Sept 18
This week I have a bunch of things that I am going to be working on so that means that the evening time if there is any free time, will be spent trying to relax and hopefully working on something that I enjoy working on.  I have lots of things that I would like to work on, so I will see what gets my attention this week when I have the time.

I am now going to go and get some work done that I need to get done and hope everyone has a great week and you find time to do the things you love doing each day.

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