Monday, July 15, 2019

Some progress this week

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL '19 - July 10
Here it is another Monday morning, and I have to admit that last week was a different week, so the stitching was also a little all over the place.

Linen and Threads Mystery SAL ' 19 - I have finally started to work on the July section of this piece.  It is coming along ok but have to admit that I would love to get this section done so maybe this week I will try and focus on it for a bit longer than I did last week.  It isn't a big section, so if I could sit and focus on it, I think I could get it done pretty quickly.  I love this overall project so now to get back to getting each month done.  I will have this finished before the August section comes out as I don't want to get behind on this project.

Mikros - July 6
Mikros - here is one of the projects that got a little more attention this week but again not as much as I would have liked.  This project is only 3 inches by 5 inches so it shouldn't take me too long to finish, but it has been a bit of a challenge to work on.

Mikros - July 14
The pattern hasn't been a challenge as I love it but it is some of the emotions that I have had to deal with over the last week, and it impacted some of my stitching, and this was the piece that bothered me to work on.  I have now got over the issue with a person, so I am now back to working on it and am looking forward to seeing what it looks like when it is completed.  This past weekend I was able to show it to a couple of friends, and they loved how it was turning out, and that motivated me to get back to working on it and not let the other issue bother me any longer.

I know that if I could sit and work on this project for an evening or two, I should be able to get it finished and that is going to be one of my goals for this week.  I would like to have this finished as there isn't a lot more to go on it.

Mysterious Adventure Project - July 7
 Mysterious Adventure Project - here is a project that also didn't get a lot of attention this past week, but at least I was able to get the first round of the border completed.  Last night I finished the first round of the border, and it met up so now I am going to start to work on getting the rest of the border at least worked on.  I don't think I will get all the various sections of the border completed by next Monday when the next section is released, but I would like to make some progress on it.

Mysterious Adventure Project - July 14
Now that I have the outline of the border completed, it should be easier to get some of the other sections completed.  I have a lot of work to go on the border, but if I can work a bit at a time on it, I think I should be able to see some good progress on it over this next week.

Roses, etc. - now these projects have been given a bit of a break while I work on these three projects and I will see once Mikros is done what will make an appearance.  I know that getting projects moved forward makes me feel good, and right now I am trying to focus on a couple of projects at a time, so I will see how things go after this week.

Here it is Monday, and I have quite a few things that I need to work on so I am now going to go and get that work done.  I hope everyone has a great week and you find a bit of time to do the things that you enjoy doing.  If you are in the middle of summer like we are, please try and stay cool.

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