Monday, April 16, 2018

Where did the week go?

Where did the last week go?  I have to admit that part of me is trying to figure out where the week really went. I know that I was busy so I know where the work days went but it is the evenings because I wasn't able to spend a lot of time stitching.  I know that there are going to be weeks like that and this was just one of those weeks.  Now to see what this week will be like as it looks like it might be another one of those weeks where stitching and relaxing time is going to be limited.

Temperature - April 6
Temperature - well this is the only project that got any attention this past week and part of that is because I wanted to get it caught up through the end of the March.  Yes, I was way behind and figured it was time to just sit and work on it and get some of the stitching done.  I am now ready to work on April and see if I can get that caught up quickly.

Temperature - April 15
I love how the design is turning out as it is always fun to see what colour I will be stitching next.  I am hoping that I will soon be able to be adding more of the yellows to this design because I am missing the warmer weather.  This weekend we had an ice storm here in Toronto with ice pellets, freezing rain and now rain.  It isn't something that I was happy about but these things happen.

This past week I was able to get some of the other projects worked on that I have on the go so that is where part of the time went especially this weekend.  ETSY is something that I am really enjoying working on and getting more items up onto the site is what I am now working on so when we were home on Saturday I was sitting at the sewing machine trying to get some more items closer to being added to the store. It feels great seeing that I have been getting some sales and now to see what the sales are like when some of the new colours are added to the site.  I know that for me ETSY isn't something that I can spend a lot of time on so things get added when I have the time to sit and sew and get the items made.

There are projects that are now waiting for me to start to work on them so I better get them moved forward and then I will see what time I have left this week to actually sit and stitch on something.  If you were impacted by the ice storm I hope you were able to stay home and do some of the things you enjoy doing.  If you weren't impacted you were lucky as we are still trying to get back to normal after this weekend.

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