Monday, April 2, 2018

A bit of progress

Linen and Threads - Squirrels - March 25
 Where did the week go?

I have to admit that as I look back on the last week one of my biggest questions was "Where did the week go?"  Yes, it was one of those weeks where I am now looking back and trying to figure out what I actually did most evenings.
Linen and Threads - Squirrels - March 30

Linen and Threads - Squirrels - now this is the project that got the attention this week and considering I didn't have a lot of time to stitch I am happy with the progress that I got on this piece.

The Squirrels are now finished and are going to be finished/framed but I am now sure how I am going to be doing that yet.  Just seeing it finished makes me happy because that is another project that is now on the completed list instead of the work-in-progress list.

This past week was a busy week for me and it meant that by the time dinner was over most evenings I really didn't have the energy to sit and do much of anything. Sure, it was the long weekend but that also meant that there were things that still needed to get completed even with it being a weekend.  Jobs don't always stop just because the calendar says it is a holiday or it's the weekend.

One thing that I have noticed is currently I don't have a project that is really catching my attention and wanting me to work on it.  I have projects, that yes, I am working on and I want to get them moved forward but nothing is calling me to sit for a few hours and just stitch.  I hope that through this coming week I will be able to find the project that makes me want to curl up and stitch in the evenings again. Temperature of one of those projects that now needs some attention so that I can get it caught up to the beginning of April.  Linen and Threads Mystery SAL is now ready for the April section which was released on the weekend. I know that I have lots of projects that I could be working on but want I would like is a project that when the day is over that I can say "I want to work on xx" and that is what I work on, and maybe I could mix in bits of some of the other projects.

I know that I will find a project that gets me to wanting to stitch it and right now I just need to make sure that I still find a bit of time each evening to try and put two threads into a project no matter what project it is.  Two threads isn't really a lot of stitching but at least it means that I don't look back at the end of the week or the month and say what did I really do.

It is now the beginning of a new month so that means that there are a lot of work things that need my attention today so that is what I better get to work on.  I hope that this evening I will be able to find a bit of time to stitch, even the two threads and then will see what the rest of the week is like.

Hope everyone has had a good stitching week and hopefully next week I will have a bit more to show for the next seven days.

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