Monday, March 6, 2017

Moving forward

Quotes to Live By - Feb 26th
 Here it is another week and I am happy to say that I am slowly making progress on a couple of my cross-stitch pieces.  I once again have tried to focus on only a couple of patterns so that I can start to see some good progress each week on them.

Quotes to Live By was one of the projects that got attention this week and that was because I was working hard to try and get the first quote finished out of the nine. Last night I was able to finish off the first quote and now am going to work on a bit more of the border before I start the second quote.  The second quote that was released goes below Be Yourself so before I move my stitching frame I am going to work on getting the border all done up to where the frame is currently sitting.

Quotes to Live By - Mar 1st
I know that now that I have been able to start working on the quotes things should start moving a little faster on this design as the heading took quite a while to complete.  I currently have two more quotes to add to the design and then I will be caught up with the releases.  It is great having a project that part is released once a month because then once all the stitching is caught up you only have one month or one quote to stitch.

Quotes to Live By - Mar 5th
My goal for Quotes to Live By is to get the other two quotes done before the end of March so that I can then just have the smaller section to do each month moving forward.  The first quote only took me a few hours to stitch so I am thinking that I may be able to get the other two done along with all the border before the end of this month.

Linen and Threads Mystery Stitch Along was the other project that I decided to work on this week and again I was able to make some progress on it.  It does take a bit longer to do each of these sections because I am going this on 22 count fabric and over one thread.  I am loving how it is turning out and look forward to seeing the entire piece completed.
Linen and and Threads Mystery Stitch Along - Feb 26th

This week I worked on getting to the half way point on the January section and then I worked on getting some of the outline done for part of the February section.  Of course, I didn't finish January before moving onto February but now I am going to try and work on January a bit more to get it finished.
Linen and Threads Mystery Stitch Along - Mar 5th

Both of these pieces have taken quite a bit of time to get this far on them but I am thinking that maybe now they will start to move a little faster.  I know that with the Mystery Stitch Along once I finish the January section the other sections are a bit smaller so I hope to get caught up with that stitching as well.  I am going to focus on getting January finished as I would like to see that section finished before I finish either February or March. 

I am happy with the progress that I made last week on both of these pieces and will see how much I can do this week.  It great working on these designs even when it is only a couple of hours at a time.

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