Monday, March 27, 2017

Another small finish

Joyful World - March 18th
This past week I decided that I was going to focus on just two projects to see if I could see some results on both of them and I was able to do that.

Joyful World - May (finished) - March 22nd
The first project that got the attention was Joyful World - May because I figured it was one thing that I could get finished without too much of an effort and I did that.  It makes me happy to see that I have been able to keep  up with this project and I am ahead of where I wanted to be on it.  I figured making sure that I was always a month ahead was great and now I have been able to get an extra month done and I will see if I can at least get June done in April.  These designs are a lot of fun to work on and they aren't too difficult so it means that I am able to get them done quickly once I decided to sit and work on them.
Quotes to Live By - March 18th

The other project that got some attention this week was Quotes to Live By.   After finishing the second quote a week ago I decided it was time to try and get some of the border done as well as start the third quote or the quote that was released in March.  I got some of the border done this week and have started working on the quote. 

With the border I still have two more colours to do before I have reached the bottom of the design but at least I know where the bottom is now and that is nice. The third quote is working up ok as I haven't had a lot of time to sit and work on it so hope that I can spend some more time on it this week. 
Quotes to Live By - March 26

The Mystery Stitch Along that I have been working on didn't get any attention this past week as I wanted to see if I could at least make some progress on these two pieces.  I am now going to focus on getting this third quote done on Quotes to Live By and then I think it will be April and there will be more stitching to be done. 

April 1st means that there will be two more parts for the stitch alongs so that is nice.  I am looking forward to seeing what the next quote is for that project and then there will be fourth part for the Mystery Stitch Along which I will need to work on getting caught up.

The weather is finally getting a little better here so that is nice.  It is now time for me to get some work done so that I can see if I can find some stitching time this evening.  Quotes to Live By is calling me to work on it so I hope to be able to do that this evening.

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