Monday, December 19, 2016

Another week of progress

Monarch Butterfly - Dec 7th
Well this week has been a very interesting week for crafting as I was able to find some time most evenings to craft.

The Monarch Butterfly got some attention early in the week as I was hoping to get all the actual stitching done this week but it didn't quite happen but will see if I can the stitching and back stitch done before the end of the year. I am very happy with how it is turning out and am looking forward to seeing what it looks like once all the stitching has been completed.

Monarch Butterfly - Dec 13th
This week I decided that since I was close to finishing the Monarch Butterfly I would work on another project that I started at the beginning of September.  This is a piece based on a drawing by someone we know.  I started the piece on September 2nd and then after realizing that I didn't like it on 22 count fabric doing full crosses and it would look nicer as a petite point.  Well that meant that Wednesday I got a piece of 25 count canvas and restated the design and am happy with how it is looking now.  I only worked on this piece Wednesday night and was able to make a good start on it and am now looking forward to seeing how it looks once I start adding some colour.  This design will be around 7 x 9 inches and is an oval design.

Flower and Butterfly - Dec 14th
My shrug that I have been knitting while listening to mp3's is still coming along and is around 18 inches now so it is at least getting there.  I have been listening to mp3's and watching video's while I am studying for an exam.  Being able to knit on something simple means that I don't want to start looking at other things on the computer when I should be focusing on listening to the presentations.

Caron Cakes Shawl - Faerie Cake
On Wednesday we realized that there was one gift that we needed so I went to Michael's and picked up a ball of Caron Cakes - Faerie Cake and decided to work on a shawl to see if I could get it finished by this week. The shawl is very simple and it became the project that I worked on while listening to the mp3's over the weekend.  The shawl is now done so that is making both of us happy because we wanted to give it to someone this week.

Cecilia's Shawl
Now after all the blues and greens that I have been working on I realized that I needed a bit of a change in colour so found some yarn and a pattern for a shawl for me.  The yarn was for a project that I realized I would never make so it needed to be used for something else. I started this shawl last night and am happy with how it is working up.  Yes the design is for a shawl that is not the normal triangle and I am loving it.  I am not sure how long it will take me to get this shawl done but I will see how much of it I can get done between now and the end of the year.

This week looks like it is going to be busy at the beginning of the week and then as Christmas approached work will slow down a little bit.  If work slows down some it means that I may have a bit more time to craft but will see how it goes.

To everyone who celebrates Christmas - Merry Christmas.  If you are a crafter, I hope that Santa makes sure you get the crafting items you wanted.  If you aren't a crafter, I hope you get what you wanted.

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