Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Another week and a bit of progress

Butterfly - Oct 4th
So I finally was able to make a bit of progress on the butterfly this week.  Well, actually all the progress was made on Thanksgiving Monday as I sat and watched some playoff baseball games. It was great having the time to sit and stitch while watching the games on television.  I quite often do my crafts while watching some sort of sports on television be it hockey or baseball.

It feels really good seeing that I was able to make some good progress even in one day, so I am going to see what progress I can make over this week.  I am trying to get this butterfly done quickly so that it can be framed and ready for display.  It always feels good when I can see some progress on something even when I have been extremely busy with other things.

Besides working on the butterfly this week I have also been working on making a few baby hats.  The baby hats are great when we are out and about and also when I just can't focus on doing any cross-stitch.  Hopefully this week I will still be able to get a few hats done but I think when possible I am going to be trying to get some cross-stitch done. The baby hats are something that normally goes with me when we are out in the car so as a passenger I can sit and crochet.  The hat pile is starting to grow but I know that they won't be going to the hospital for a while yet but that's ok, at least I will have a pile ready to go.
Butterfly - Oct 12th

Of course, work is one of the things that can change what I am working on in the evenings.  If I get something that needs to be done for work that comes first so my crafting has to wait for another day.

This week sounds like another busy week for me work wise but I am going to try my best to find some crafting time most evenings.

Speaking of crafting time and evenings, it is now time for me to finish up this post so that I can craft this evening.

Hopefully all of you will have some crafting time in the evenings as well and if you aren't a crafter I hope you will find some time to yourself.

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